10 Signs You’ve Made Great TV Commercials – #9

This is the latest in our series that explores how you know if you’ve created a truly great advertising campaign. Sure you hired the best ad agency. You went through multiple rounds of creative. You suffered through casting. You carefully selected just the right emotions to color your advertisement. You sprinkled in just the right amount of humor. You made sure the visuals were stunning. And did it all pay off? In this series we explore the evidence.

9. Spoofs

A step beyond compilations is when the unwashed masses (or more likely aspiring filmmakers) are moved to break out their own video cameras and shoot a parody of your ad.

Indecent Proposal (Mastercard Priceless Spoof)

Apple IPhone 5 (Spoof) – This well-done spoof has received over 9 million views on Youtube, more than most actual commercials.

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