The World’s Most Successful Commercials

This is the latest post in our series that takes a look at how you know you are on the top of the marketing heap. Sure you paid top dollar for the most prestigious advertising firm. You wrote creative briefs. Then re-wrote them. Again. You suffered through casting. You carefully selected just the right emotions to color your advertisement. You sprinkled in just the right amount of humor. And did all your hard work pay off? In this series we explore the evidence.

6. Your Ad Is A Mirror

Some clever marketers crafted themes that allowed them to feature Everyman in their commercials. It’s easy to picture a professional spokesperson telling your story in your ads. But can you get each and every consumer to see themselves in your ads? Some of the most successful ad campaigns have done just that.

Wassup (Budweiser) – What made this series so effective is that each episode figured a different niche of society engaging in roughly the same social experience—calling your friend just to say “hi” and then having not much to report other than that you’re each hanging out enjoying a beer. Of course it was funnier than that, but seeing the same scene play out with everyone from hip urban youth to old white grannies was what clinched it.

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