The World’s Most Successful Commercials

This is the latest post in our series that takes a look at how you know you are on the top of the marketing heap. Sure you brought together the best creative talent in your field. You hired stunt artists and blew a wad of cash of CGI. You built and tested animatics before going into production. You benchmarked your spots, found they underperformed, and then started over from scratch before finding the sweet spot. And did all your hard work pay off? In this series we explore the evidence.

5.  You’re Sponsoring the Arts

If the commercial is so impactful that adding a link to buy the iTunes version of the song seems natural, you’ve nailed it.

Chipotle pulled this off in their Back to the Start campaign which featured a soundtrack by Willie Nelson covering Coldplay’s “The Scientist” and Scarecrow video with music by Fiona Apple. Back To the Start (Chipotle) – Music by Willie Nelson, Directed by Johnny Kelly

The Scarecrow ad not only had good tunes but was also paired with an iOS game. The Scarecrow – Fiona Apple (Chipotle)

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