The World’s Most Successful Commercials

This is the latest post in our series that takes a look at how you know you are on the top of the marketing heap. Sure you paid top dollar for the most prestigious advertising firm. You wrote creative briefs. Then re-wrote them. Again. You built and tested animatics before going into production. You benchmarked your spots, found they underperformed, and then started over from scratch before finding the sweet spot. And did all your hard work pay off? In this series we explore the evidence.

4.  You’ve Distilled the Essence of Your Brand

When you’re playing at a certain level, it’s no longer about the product itself, it’s about what your offering represents.  The trick is to distill the essence of your brand and celebrate it, explore it, question it and immortalize it in some way.

Volkswagon distilled their brand into “fun” and then creating this impressive series of stunts.

Audi distilled their brand into “excitement” and “courage”, then they created this Superbowl ad:

Guinness beer doesn’t represent beer, it represents strength of character:

Guinness also produced this next video with the same overall goals, and while the spot itself is very impressive and immediately grabs your attention and doesn’t let go, the tie in to Guinness is less obvious than in the basketball spot, making it no less interesting to watch but probably less effective as an ad.

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