This is the latest post in our series that takes a look at how you know you built the hottest brand out there with your marketing prowess. Sure you hired the best video production house in the state. Your ad exec dressed like she just walked off a runway in Milan. Your team high-fived after each new round of edits. You sketched, wire-framed, constructed animatics, and even marked out each frame in clay before finally going into production. You put your video cuts through rigorous market research testing. And did all your hard work pay off? In this series we explore the evidence.

3. “Wait, what?”

The challenge is to stick out from the constant hum of ubiquitous advertisements and make people stop and think, laugh, or feel. The Coke Zero brand pulled it and got the audience to say, “wait, what?” in this series of videos in which they brought in real lawyers to advice real marketing execs on how to sue Coke for copying their taste so closely. It was a brilliant way to both entertain and get across the core message that you don’t have to sacrifice taste for caloric intake.

Coke Zero

What does a police sketch artist have to do with soap or women’s issues?  Dove makes the connection in this innovative video. Dove Beauty Sketches

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