The World’s Most Successful Commercials

How do you know when you’ve produced really high value TV commercials, web videos or marketing campaigns? Creativity matters of course, but there are also formulas for success and ways to test and measure your way into the advertiser’s Hall of Fame. Whether you are an ad agency or big brand, producer or marketer, come back each day and we’ll reveal a new sign your TV ads or videos really hit the mark.

10. User Generated Compilations

If regular citizens take time out of their busy week to composite together your portfolio of work, you know you’ve struck a chord. These consumer compilations suggest a high degree of engagement and sharing, which means lots of free eyeballs for advertisers.

Go Daddy (Compilation): Their theme is, well, sexy girls.  Didn’t take a genius to figure out that geeky guys trying to start a dot-com business would look from their terminal when a busty girl pops on the screen.  But finding a way to keep it fresh and get some of their ideas approved for broadcast (and the rest leaked on the Web) did take some creativity.

Old Spice (Compilation) : The theme of this series is a manly man and surprising video cuts.  While dazzling the audience with cool video editing slights of hand, the hero of the commercial casually insults every man who does not lather up with Old Spice for smelling like a girl.

Dos Equis (Compilation) : A debonair man of mystery gets introduced with a famous voiceover voice with incredible, and funny things he has done.  The most interesting man in the world.

Audi (Compilation): Themes here are suspense and racing.

Obviously it will take some time before your campaign has accumulated enough videos to make it worthy of consumer compilations, but if you start with the end in mind you’ll be more likely to hit your goal.

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