Imagine receiving feedback on your investor pitch from anyone, anywhere in the world, 24/7 .

Silicon Valley is known for its fast-paced, data driven product development and execution. Through Lean Methodology, we prototype, gather meaningful data, and execute at the speed of light. It’s time we apply cutting edge methodologies we use for product development to the art and science of pitching.

The time of practicing your pitches and going to social event to test them is over.

Entrepreneurs are leveraging on video technology to test their pitches and reiterate to produce maximum impact. Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club (SVETC) proves it could be done.

About Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club

As one of the top award-winning Toastmasters club in Silicon Valley, SVETC focuses on entrepreneurship. Membership includes successful entrepreneurs, consultants, contractors, and investors. As a membership perk, the club hosts pitch training once a month.

How it works:

1) Learn.

Members receive a quick training by professional speaking coach about the dos and donts of pitching. For example:

Member training excerpt by public speaking coach extraordinaire Roy Terry from Starparadigm.

“A pitch is a practical and relevant thrill ride.”- Roy Terry

2) Do.

Members of all levels are encouraged to pitch and practice a 2-minute pitch.

3) Receive feedback & Reiterate.

With their permission, every speaker’s pitch is taped and uploaded to Spot Trender. There are 3 immense benefits:

  1. You can review your pitch later, watching and hearing yourself speaking.
  2. You can share your pitch and receive live feedback data from your coaches, mentors, potential investors, and team member.
  3. You can A/B test to see which version makes the most impact on audience and take that to a real investor.

Below are examples of 5 data-driven entrepreneurs from different fields, such as facial recognition, health care, and startup incubator. While they are currently at different levels of speaking efficiency, they share the passion for what they are doing and it shows.

To upload your pitch and get feedback online for free on Spot Trender, see quick guide here.

4) Better than yesterday.

After their first pitch, the entrepreneurs keep testing. They try new examples, new starter, and new “Asks” in their investor pitches. You can see their 2nd versions below:

An advertising legend, David Ogilvy famously said:

Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.

It’s time for you to master public speaking. Using the same methodology adopted by seasoned entrepreneurs their superstars coaches listed here on this article, you can dramatically improve your investor pitches by:

Being able to see and hear your pitches. Improve every aspect of presentation, from body language to voice tone.

Receive feedback from mentors, coaches, teachers, advisors, and friends online. Just upload on Spot Trender and send. You don’t even have to get away from your computer to get their feedback.

A/B test your pitches. Pick the opening and closings, the best stories and examples. No more guesses. You’re now a data-driven speaker. Most investors love data-driven entrepreneurs.

To explore how Spot Trender can help you improve your investor pitches and public speaking in general, email [email protected]. Rick has been a Toastmasters since college – former president of UC Berkeley’s Toastmasters on Campus (President Distinguished Club) and VPE of SVETC.

A DIY kind of person? check out this quick guide and get started