It’s absolutely amazing to see people leverage on your technology to make their lives better. While designed as a tool for professional advertisers to test their video spots, we’ve noticed both professional and amateur public speakers upload their speeches on Spot Trender and share with their social networks all over the world to receive feedback. Imagine getting your speech evaluated not only by your peers at the public speaking club, but by thousands in your network, world-wide.

As a lifelong Toastmaster himself, Spot Trender’s cofounder Rick Nguyen made a quick video to share how you can massively improve your public speaking skills by leveraging on our cutting edge platform to maximize your learning. Enjoy!

Get your public speeches evaluated with 3 easy steps:

1) Upload your public speech on Youtube.

2) Paste the share link to Spot Trender.

3) Invite friends with the Spot Trender share link through social networks or email.

Get your account now< and get started! You can get two speeches per month evaluated for free!