Produce emotionally-moving, breakthrough creative content with live consumer feedback

  • Test any type of creative for any marketing channel

  • Get a third party perspective from expert analysts

  • Stay under budget and on time with advanced research automation
  • Highest industry quality data

  • Live customer support every step of the way

  • Identify red-flags early in the creative process

Spot Trender brings the newest ad-testing technology to your fingertips.

Get your ad research done faster and smarter with Spot Trender Cloud.


Design Studies

Build, manage and track surveys


Get Feedback

Recruit participants and build your own panels


Actionable Insights

View and download powerful insights and analysis


Patented Live Audience Emotion Tracking System


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Research design is key to successful ad pre-testing, yet even the most experienced ad researchers will sometimes encounter one of the common pitfalls described in this guide. Avoiding these ad research design pitfalls will help you get the insights you need to have confidence in your ad’s performance and ensure that you’re meeting the campaign goals.

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How it works

Want to get a third party perspective on your marketing content? The process is simple.

  • Goals & Methodology

    Tell us your goals for your marketing content, and we'll create the testing methodology

  • Target Market

    Tell us who your customers are, we can reach any target market

  • Design & Apporove

    Once your study is ready, you'll get a preview to green-light for launch

  • Recruiting & Data Collection

    Our system recruits 100s or 1000s of participants to give you quant & qual feedback

  • Delivery of results

    Use our online analysis tools, or leverage our experts for a custom report and presentation

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