Spot Trender is an innovator

In the art and science of ad testing

Applying Silicon Valley thinking to research

Born in the heart of the entrepreneur launchpad, Spot Trender shares the unique Silicon Valley state of mind. We are passionate, innovative and results-driven.

For years, we’ve been delivering the future of ad research technology. While other companies are just now talking about their investment in future tech, the Spot Trender platform is in its second generation.

We add confidence, not cost or time.

We formed Spot Trender because we believed that there is a better way to test your creative, content and ideas so you can make smart decisions and predictions. Today, we deliver the best way to test digital, TV, radio, print ads and more.

We test digital, TV, radio, print ads and more

We believe that there’s a better way to do ad testing

Ad testing shouldn't keep you waiting

Meet your new ad testing partner

We’re already working with Fortune 100 and Global 5000 data-driven companies like Innocean, BBDO, Pfizer, and Hyundai. Let’s talk about how we can work for you, too.