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Born in the heart of the entrepreneur launchpad, Spot Trender shares the unique Silicon Valley state of mind. We are passionate, innovative, and results-driven.

Company History.

The early stages of Spot Trender’s solutions were devised in late 2011 in a classic Silicon Valley story of late nights coding in a garage. The catalyst for Spot Trender was the advent of wide-spread high-speed internet access and streaming services such as YouTube, which paved the way for brands to reach consumers in meaningful new ways. This meant that the way marketers advertise and the speed at which creative content needed to be created changed forever. We realized the traditional market research methodologies and companies were quickly becoming antiquated. Slow and expensive market research would not correctly serve marketers in this new environment. We knew there was a better way, and from that, Spot Trender was officially founded. Within two years of building the technology of rapidly connect millions of consumers to brands within hours, and our patented live audience emotion capturing system for advertising diagnostics, we officially launched Spot Trender in 2013. Since then, Spot Trender has helped brands of all sizes from the Fortune 500 to small and medium businesses worldwide improve the impact of their marketing creative.

For years, we’ve been delivering the future of ad research technology. While other companies are just now talking about their investment in future tech, the Spot Trender platform is in its second generation. We fondly look back during our early launch years when market researchers would tell us at conferences that what we were doing was impossible.

We add confidence, not cost or time.

We formed Spot Trender because we believe that there is a better way to test your creative assets, content, and ideas so you can make smart decisions and predictions. Today, we deliver the best way to test digital, TV, radio, print ads, and more.

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We’re already working with Fortune 100 and Global 5000 data-driven companies like Innocean, BBDO, Pfizer, and Hyundai. Let’s talk about how we can work for you, too.